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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Friday at Robyns Charcoal Chicken

Having planned to do absolutely nothing but relax and chill at home over the Easter break, I suddenly wanted to do something.
I have wanted to try Robyns Charcoal Chicken since I read about it last year; the facebook says they are open on Easter Friday, so why not go today!

The chicken looks amazing on the urbanspoon picture, and being a huge fan of roast chicken, I am dying to try the charcoal flavour. Despite being a healthy eater, I am ready to have a junko meal of chicken and chips!
Pale chicken getting charcoalled

Half spicy chicken with chips meal deal AUD 10

Half chicken with chips meal deal AUD 10.

We tried both the spicy and original version. The chicken were tasty enough. Crispy flavoursome skin. However, we both agreed that apart from the drumsticks the rest of the meat were dry and tough to eat.

The flavour was only skin deep and didn't go into the meat at all. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. The chips were huge, crunchy, piping hot with a hint of chips salt. It was underseasoned for us. The best chips we had was in Sunshine kebab. Despite this, I was hungry and nearly finished all the chips.

Disappointed, we felt the meal was not as tasty as we had anticipated. When you crave for junk food, you want it to be really awesome in compensation to the health damage. In the mean time, I will endeavor in the search for my dream crispy skinned roast chicken.

Robyns Charcoal Chicken on Urbanspoon

This is a roast chicken I had from the butcher at eight mile plains. Used to be so good but is now pale and flavourless. Totally inedible. I got scolded for the awful lunch.

Nando chicken. Chips were good and flavoursome. Meat burnt nicely and flavoursome. Covered in finger licking sauces. Thumbs up.

Nando's on Urbanspoon

Max chicken. Smoked chicken is juicy and flavoursome. Spicy chicken is not quite as amazing. The sauce is similar to Nando's but runnier and not as flavoursome; and doesn't hold well to the meat, leaving bland white meat inside. The chips were good though. I will go back for the smoked chicken.


The MAX on Urbanspoon

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